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Dr. Ed Semph DC

After we identify the likely cause(s) of your problem, we will tell you what we found, what we can do to help, how long it may take and how much it will cost. Our office enjoys high levels of patient satisfaction because we explain everything in advance. Fin 

Dr. Ed Semph is associated with Merival Chiropractic & Massage 


Dr. Semph practices in Nepean / Ottawa , Ontario, Canada. He is a graduate of Palmer Chiropractic University (1986), Davenport, Iowa. 

A Canadian native of Kitchener, he practiced in Kitchener from 1987 to 1996. He then moved with his family to Ottawa where they have been living for the past 24 years. 


After 34 years in practice, I am still enthusiastic about my chosen craft. I feel that it's my calling to help people in their quest for better health and to live life at an optimum level.


Your goals are my goals for your health!


Every day, you and I face physical, chemical and emotional stresses. The quality of our lives  is based upon how well we adapt, overcome or rise above them.

I evaluate, then create an individualized care plan that addresses these issues based on your age, condition, lifestyle and unique health goals.

I propose that we go through, rather than around. That we use natural, rather than artificial. That we revitalize, rather than numb. That we release, rather than control. 

Dr. Semph's Hours

  • Monday:    9:00 am -  12:00 pm   

  • Thursday:  9:00 am - 12:30 pm

  • Friday:       2:00 pm -   4:30 pm

  • Saturday  12:30pm  -   4:30 pm

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